Some beauty treatments appear for a short time and fade away while others go the distance.  Some become so iconic that they are associated with a time period or a decade – the 1990s urge to over-pluck eyebrows or the 2000s desire for oversized breast implants.  For this decade, the treatment that has become iconic is the lip filler but what makes it the ‘tweakment’ everyone wants?

The popularity of lip fillers

The love of lip fillers started quietly then took off.  The number of searches on Google for lip fillers in 2016 was ten times what is was in 2012.  At first, lip fillers were a little extreme and often resulted in the famous ‘trout pout’.

But times have changed, and lip fillers are as common and acceptable as something like teeth whitening.  Seen as a minor change that improves the look and boosts confidence, it has become the chosen option for many women with a report from the US showing a 50% increase in treatments for the 18-to-55 age group from 2000 to 2016.

Why did lip fillers become so popular?

Go back as far as 2000 and people were envious of the naturally plump lips of people like Angelina Jolie but there was less talk about lip filler.  This all changed in 2015 with an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when the younger sister Kylie Jenner, just 17 at the time, was asked about her lips.

In the following 24 hours, one clinic reported a 70% rise in enquiries about the kind of lip filler Jenner talked about while Google searches for the term peaked at never before seen levels.  Previously, she had insisted her pout was a make-up trick and went on to admit having lip fillers but not wanting to talk about it due to the ‘judgement’ of others.

Changing attitudes

While it is true that there is still some degree of judgement for anyone who has had ‘work done’ it was one instance where the desire to emulate Jenner’s look outweighed the natural feature of judgement.

Not only that, but Jenner herself embraced the trend with her own Lip Kits which were launched in August that year and sold out.  The growth of her product empire led her to the youngest person ever featured on the Celebrity 100 list from Forbes.

Reach forward to today and doctors say that the demand for lip fillers continues to be strong.  Around half of women are looking for a natural look, a slight increase to their lips.  Others want something more along the lines of the Kylie Jenner look.

Using quality products

Perhaps the only downside to the lip filler trend is the rise of substandard products and unlicensed practitioners.  That’s why it is important if you are considering a treatment, make sure you use a licensed practitioner who is an expert in lip fillers and uses high quality products.  That way you join the trend of women with great looking lips, not the trend of horror stories of treatments gone wrong.