At one time, cosmetic treatments such as Botox were just for the rich and famous but with the developments in these treatments, more people are able to access the benefits of it.  Botox is now the number one choice for people wanting smoother, younger looking skin.  But why is this and why is Botox so popular among many different age groups?

Botox Newcastle

Quick and painless

One of the advantages of Botox is that it is quick and relatively painless.  There’s no need to have anaesthetic during the procedure and this means that you will only feel a small prick from one needle used to insert the treatment.  After that, small needles are used to inject the muscle relaxant or derma filler in the required areas.

The process is also very speedy – it normally takes around 15 minutes to administer.  And you can see results from the treatment anywhere from one to three days afterwards so there’s no long wait for results from it.

Natural looking smooth skin

Botox is a natural substance that is made from a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin.  Now, this is a highly poisonous substance in its natural form.  But the type used for Botox is called Type A and is used for medical treatments such as relaxing muscle spasms or creating movement in muscular disorders.  It also creates natural looking smooth skin as it is a protein-based treatment using natural substances.  And Botox has been around for some 15 years or more now so the use of it is well documented and completely safe in virtually every case.

By using the right kind of Botox, you can also avoid the ‘frozen’ look that is often associated with the treatment – using small amounts in the right places results in smooth skin but also natural movement.

Affordable Botox

Compared to many cosmetic treatments, Botox is relatively cost effective, especially when you consider how long it can last.  You can pay per area that you want to be treated, meaning you only pay for what you want.  And it lasts a lot longer than many treatments while simply top ups during the year can mean the results are almost permanent.

Specific areas treated

Botox is a very specific treatment that means you can have the areas treated that you want and not touch areas you don’t.  For example, you can have the under the eye area treated to help deal with those laughter lines.  Or you can have the treatment attack frown lines, the wrinkles that occur due to natural face movement.

Very little recovery time

With many treatments, there is a list of things you can’t do after the treatment but Botox has very little recovery time.  You don’t need to take time off work afterwards, need to perform any specific rituals and can get on with your daily life as normal.

You can wear makeup as normal after the treatment although you shouldn’t put too much pressure on the treatment areas as they might be a little tender at first. For Botox in Newcastle contact Adrienne today for a consultation and to book your appointment.