One of the biggest issues that stops people going for lip fillers is the many scare stories out there about botched treatments and terrible reactions people have to products.  It makes sense to be cautious and to ensure everything that goes into your body is the right product.

So how do you avoid botched lip fillers but still enjoy the benefits of the treatment? Well booking your fillers with an experienced nurse like Adrienne is a start but here are some other tips;

The botched lip job

The stories about botched lip jobs have been around as long as the treatment itself.  However, one study from the Watchdog program in 2018 showed some interesting facts about people who have suffered from such terrible reactions.

Take the use of hyaluronic acid, for example.  This is made in one of two ways – through a large scale bacterial fermentation process or from animal tissues.  It is created in medically compliant laboratories to ensure the product is high quality and reliable.

However, some cases of people having severe reactions to the substance were recorded.  When investigated, the salon in question wasn’t actually using hyaluronic acid but a mixture of cooling oil and beef gelatine.  The reaction was so severe in three people that they were lucky not to die.

How to get a safe treatment

If you are looking at lip fillers, there are some tips to ensure you get the best possible treatment.  While there’s always a small risk that your body rejects the substance, by using the right treatment facilities, you can vastly decrease the odds of a botched job or a bad reaction.  There are three things you should do to start with:

  1. Check the clinic’s credentials – are they qualified to do what they are doing? While you don’t need to have qualifications to prescribe fillers, it is always better to receive them from someone with the right credentials like Adrienne.
  2. Is the clinic clean and hygienic – this reduces the chance of an infection or contamination from other products. Look for clinics that follow the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or similar standards
  3. What products are being used – find out exactly what products they use for the lip fillers and make sure these are recognised for the purpose

What kind of filler should you look for?

Of these three points, the third is perhaps the most complicated, especially if you are new to lip fillers.  How do you know which product is the ‘right’ product and what is designed for the job?

One good option is to look at the box for the product being used.  Does it have some kind of quality marking such as a CE mark?  This is used within the European Economic Area to confirm that something complies with health and safety standards for the purpose described. You can also look for big names in the industry and watch for their products.  Juvéderm is one example that is commonly seen and also produce things like Botox.  You can always quickly search online for the brand and see if it is reputable.

Keep yourself safe

By getting treatment from a qualified expert, like Adrienne, and having only quality products involved, you can dramatically reduce the chance of becoming one of those ‘botched lip filler’ stories on the news.  Plus, you can enjoy your new, fuller lips!