When most people think of Botox treatments, it’s generally areas like the forehead and around the eyes that come to mind.

When we judge someone’s age, it’s not simply the wrinkles around the eyes and creases in the brow that we notice. Looseness around the jowl region, for instance, can actually be more troublesome and make us look less youthful. The good news is that Botox can also be used to treat areas lower down the face, including this area as well as the lips and even the chin.

Botox and the Lips

One area that many people don’t consider for Botox are the lips. Because Botox is a muscle relaxant and not a filler, which many people opt for, it can be used to reduce the signs of wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

Botox and the Jowls

This is a common facial area where people begin to show the signs of ageing. Sagging of the jaw area can occur for a variety of reasons including the effect of gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin over the years. While in the past the only solution to a sagging jowl would be a cosmetic face lift, the Nefertiti Lift, which uses Botox, is becoming a lot more popular. This works because there is a thin line of muscle and injecting Botox into the nerve that controls this area helps produce a smoother jaw line and reduces the sagging.

A lot depends on the extent of the drooping that you have in your jowl area. This process tends to work best when the sagging is noticeable but not pronounced. The benefit of going for Botox is that there is little or no recovery period and the whole process just takes a few minutes to administer by a qualified practitioner. There isn’t much risk of side effects and it can provide a temporary solution to a problem that many women and men find troublesome.

Pebbled or Dimpled Chin

Another area that Botox is often used for is around the area of the chin. If you smile or make other facial expressions, you can cause dimples on the chin that many people find unsightly. This is caused by the mentalis muscle and is perfectly natural and certainly not something to be worried about if you don’t mind the appearance. If it causes you concern, however, a series of Botox injections into the muscle area can help alleviate the most severe cases and reduce the occurrence of dimpling.

Neck Bands

Botox can also be used in certain cases for softening the effect of platysmal bands in the neck area that can become more pronounced when you make certain facial expressions. This is becoming more popular but should only be administered by a Botox practitioner who has experience of dealing with this area.

While Botox is more often associated with higher areas of the face, there are a number of treatments that can reduce the lines around your mouth, minimise jowl sagging and be used to soften neck bands. It’s always a good idea to have a proper consultation before you undertake these kinds of treatments and a qualified practitioner will be able to make sure that you are suitable. For advice or an appointment in Newcastle or across the wider North east contact Adrienne today.