Botox treatments are a not invasive way to get the look that you want but to get the most from your Botox treatment you have to look after yourself a little after the treatment. Here is some advice on how to look after yourself after a Botox Treatment.

For many people the decision to invest in Botox to improve their appearance is a big one and is a life-affirming approach to their own wellbeing. Given this positive mindset, most people also want to know how they can maximise the benefits of their Botox treatment. Today we’re going to demystify some advice and explain exactly how to look your best after Botox

Botox Treatment Newcastle

First and foremost, show up rested and hydrated! While Botox is often called a ‘lunchtime face-lift’ because it is such swift and easy cosmetic procedure, you can make it even more effective by arriving for your appointment in great shape

Don’t lay down after Botox.

First and foremost – the question of laying down. The advice varies from doctor to doctor with a minimum of two hours up to six hours. Why?  This relates to the desire Botox aestheticians have for their clients to get the best results. Botox is injected with clinical precision and although the toxin barely moves around, for the very best outcome it’s suggested that clients don’t recline or bend over for between 2-6 hours just because such activity can cause the skin of the face to move across the underlying bone, which could, theoretically, move the Botox. This advice is not included on clinical documentation so it’s not a peer reviewed outcome, more a contribution to each client having the best possible outcome.

Don’t drink alcohol for 24 hours after a Botox treatment

Alcohol thins the blood, which could potentially affect the circulation, meaning that Botox might be more distributed through the system. While this wouldn’t have ill effects in itself, it could – again theoretically – affect the potency of the injection. It’s a good idea not to have alcohol following any procedure, even a flu jab, but a little glass of something probably won’t have any effect – just don’t get carried away when celebrating your Botox treatment!

Botox and blood thinners?

Just as alcohol can cause the blood to circulate more rapidly, so can blood thinning medication. As a result, it’s best not to take it in the 24 hours after Botox. If in any doubt (a) inform your Botox clinician about drugs you take regularly (b) consult with your GP or specialist before booking a Botox session, usually prescription drugs are no problem, but it’s good to be absolutely certain about any possible interactions.

Don’t wear a hat after Botox injections

This little gem causes a lot of confusion. The main concern here is if you have forehead or brow treatment, then a constricting hat, bandanna or even headband can lead to pressure on that area which causes everything to migrate away from the pressure points. If you’ve ever taken off a hat and seen a white line across your forehead, then you know that the blood has not be able to circulate freely because of compression.

As a professional aesthetic practitioner, and a registered nurse all clients at Adrienne’s Aesthetics are given full aftercare advice before they leave and if you have any questions at all before the treatment just ask as we are more than happy to answer any questions you have.