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Lip Filler treatments, what’s involved…

Lip fillers are one of the most popular beauty treatments of today. Having fuller, plumper lips can make a huge difference to your face and giving you the confidence to look and feel amazing.

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Adrienne offers great lip enhancements and lip fillers in and around Newcastle, you can visit her at clinics across the North including Jesmond, Gateshead and North Shields.

Lip fillers are a great way to add extra volume to your lips, no matter how small or skinny they are naturally, lip fillers can increase the size and plumpness to make a real difference to your face and smile. Lip fillers are also great at adding definition and shape to your lips, enhancing their natural shape and plumping them up to look soft and full.

Lip fillers don’t mean that you have to have massive lips, many clients choose to have lip fillers just to enhance what they already have to make their natural lips just that little bit bigger as it gives them confidence in how they look. Other clients who either have very small lips to start with or want a very full lip pout can have multiple lip fillers over time to really increase the size of the lips to give them the perfect pout they are looking for!

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Adrienne is a fully qualified registered nurse and aesthetics practitioner, trained with medics direct and fully insured so you can have confidence that she will give you’re the best advice on your personal circumstances to get the results you are looking for.

Adrienne will listen to the way you want your lips to look and will work with the natural contours of your lips to add volume and definition in the right places to achieve an even look and the results you are expecting.

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The lip filler or lip enhancement treatment is quite quick with some discomfort, but you can choose an anaesthetic cream if you are worried about any pain. It only takes around 10 minutes for the actual procedure and the results are visible immediately with the full effects showing over the first few days after the lip filler treatment. Your lips will be a little sore and tender for a few days after the procedure, but Adrienne will give you all the advice you need post treatment.

Lip fillers are not a permanent treatment and top up treatments will be required over time, usually every three months or so depending on how plump you like your lips to look.

Contact Adrienne to discuss your lip filler treatment, get advice about lip enhancement or book your treatment at a clinic.

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