It is no secret that ageing isn’t easy. Particularly for women who want to try their best to keep their youthful appearance for as long as possible. Not only do women crave younger looking skin, but, without realising it, they might also be surrounded by a society that values female beauty, especially the beauty that is seen in younger models.

But, do these things actually affect your levels of happiness? You may be surprised to learn that how you look (or how you feel about the way that you look) could have a bigger impact than you realise.

Wrinkle Statistics

A recent study that was carried out (called the FACE report) has looked at how women see the ageing process, as well as the impact that it has on their confidence and perception of their self.

Of the women that were asked, over half of them said that at times they feel self-conscious about their own personal signs of ageing and the thing that bothered them the most within the ageing process was wrinkles.

These women also stated that there was around an 8 year gap between how they felt within themselves and how they perceive themselves to look.

The same women were then asked more about how they would feel if they could look a few years younger. In response to this particular question, 31% of people would feel more confident, 15% would feel more like themselves, 11% would feel more relaxed and 9% would feel happier.

What you can do about it

It is easy to take from this particular study that the happiness of the women who were asked to participate is linked to the way that they look (or at the very least the way that they perceive themselves to look). So, what can be done about this?

Of course, there are a variety of anti-ageing options that you can consider if you want to try and limit your wrinkles, but one of the most effective out there is Botox.

Botox has been proven to be incredibly effective in treating and reducing the signs of ageing. It will fill out the skin that has become wrinkled and looking tired and ensure that it looks as youthful as possible.

You can also use Botox if you are concerned about how you may look in the future. Whilst many people don’t think of it as a preventative measure (they think of it more as a treatment than a way to stop it happening) the truth is that you can start Botox from a younger age and stop the wrinkles from forming so deeply within your face.

Those who want to stay as youthful as possible might be surprised by just what Botox can do for them. Especially when you consider that it is a treatment that can be completed in your lunch break and requires minimal recovery and down-time. Ideal for a busy lifestyle.

With so many benefits to Botox, why not learn more about this treatment and how it could benefit you in both the short and the long-term too?