Summer is here, the sun is high, and we all love to spend time outside.  All apart from our skin which can find summer just as much hard work as winter.  So what can we do to help our skin stay amazing all summer long and enjoy the best of the season?

Use sunscreen

There’s no overstating the importance of sunscreen and this should be good quality with a high SPF.  Look for ones that block at least 95% of all UV rays and use this on any areas of your body that are exposed to the sun.  Don’t forget to reapply it too – most products offer protection for a few hours but if you do anything like go in the sea, then reapply it immediately, even if it says it is waterproof.

Clean and hydrate your skin

Sunscreen is brilliant but it can contribute to a breakout and the natural sweatiness means your skin collects more dirt too.  So, it is important to keep your normal cleaning routine or even step it up to help combat these issues.  Also, consider hydrating your skin – a hydrating face mask is a great idea or a cleanser that has higher than normal hydration properties.

Exfoliate regularly

As well as washing regularly, you also want to have a regular routine to exfoliate your skin.  This goes one step beyond the normal cleaning and helps to remove dead skin which can lead to breakouts when left unchecked.  Try different types of exfoliator as you want something that you can feel but that isn’t too harsh for your skin type.

Make sure you drink plenty

It is easy to forget but the condition of your skin has a lot do to with what goes into your body.  Top of the list is water because this helps the skin to stay hydrated and retain natural moisture.  Drinking plenty of water also helps your body in a whole range of other ways and is easy to forget during the busyness of summer.

Sooth sore skin

If your skin has become sore or you missed a patch with the sunscreen, then cooling balms can be a good solution.  These help to ease the soreness and rehydrate the skin so that it can repair itself.  Also, watch the area going forward as exposed skin areas have a higher risk of skin cancer and should be monitored.

Use Botox to combat UV damage

Sometimes, UV damage can simply make those tiny lines and wrinkles look much worse as can the drier conditions of summer.  That’s where treatments like Botox can come in – this helps to ease those lines and wrinkles and restores smoothness to the skin.  Talk to a licensed practitioner about how treatments work and what benefits they can bring to your skin, especially on the face and neck.

Limit sun exposure

Finally, always limit sun exposure, especially in the hottest parts of the day which is usually just after lunchtime.  This is when UV rays are strongest and the most damage can be caused.  Try to stay indoors or cover your skin if you need to be out at this time.