Halloween is the season where you can really let loose and be who you aren’t. Indulge in your naughty side or create a character in spooky or fantasy costume and enjoy this spooky time of year in style. While costumes at Halloween have always been important, make up is making a come back as more and more of us spend the time learning how to create really stunning effects with makeup to celebrate All Hallows Eve!

Halloween Simplicity

Sometimes less is more and if you are choosing to dress this Halloween as a sexy vampire, cute witch or gothic inspired ghost then quite simple make-up may be the best for you. These simple and well-known costumes don’t need much explaining so your make up can be quite simple, adding only a glossy red lip, some fangs or some witchy black eyeliner! If you want to be super stylish you can really focus the effects on your make up and especially your eyes and keep your outfit to a glam little black dress. Another way to simply add some Halloween flair is to add blood to any costume you may have in your wardrobe.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are being adventurous with your Halloween make up, then you will need to practice it. Don’t leave it until Halloween night and then try and follow your favourite make up artist on YouTube no matter how simple they say it is. This is especially true if your whole costume depends on the success of the makeup. Don’t leave it to chance.

Halloween Make Up Ideas

Trying to decide what works best for you is not an easy task and you have to weigh up how much time you have to apply the Halloween make up, how much time you have to practice and what the rest of your costume will look like if you don’t do the make up right. Here are a few Halloween costume ideas where you really can go all out on the makeup.

  1. Day of the Dead – This intricate, floral and beautiful make up is stunning in its own right and you need very little else (apart from perhaps a cute floral hairband) to ensure people know what your costume is. It is a very time consuming and intricate effect to pull off so make sure you practice.
  2. A Mermaid, this is tricky in its own right as there are textures and iridescence to get right, but amazing if you can pull it off. Sticking some shell beads on your face can take your make up to the next level. For something a little gorier try a dying or decomposing mermaid for a really creepy feel.
  3. Silent Movie Character. When Movies were silent, they were also black and white so creating a completely black and white character is effective and exciting. Theme your character to the era, a 1920’s flapper girl for example and then try and use all different shades of grey in your clothing and your make up for a wonderful and unusual effect.

Halloween Botox Ready

If Halloween is the centre of your world and you prefer this season above others, then you will want to look your absolute best. Ensuring you arrange for Botox treatment well in advance of the 31st October date. Even sooner if you are attending parties the weekend before. Smoothing out any lines on your face or plumping out your lips with Botox for Halloween is a great way to make you look incredible and feel completely confident in your Halloween costume choice. Adrienne can ensure you get the look you want for this fun and exciting time of year!