Botox can do much more than just make your lips look plump, it is suitable for a wide range of areas on your face. If you are worried about wrinkles, pondering a little sagging around the eyes, or generally not happy that your age is beginning to become all too obvious, it might make sense to avoid your mirror. However, if you want to get some proactive help, reduce the signs of ageing and look younger, your bathroom mirror can be the perfect place to put together a Botox plan that works for you.

Adrienne’s Aesthetics are experts in providing Botox treatments in Newcastle and across the north, if you are thinking of having Botox for the first time and want advice or looking to target new areas then chat to Adrienne about your needs.

One thing that many people don’t realise about Botox treatment is that it can be used to target specific areas. There are certain regions of the face that respond well to small injections of this muscle relaxing treatment. It takes just a few minutes to administer, effects start to be seen within 24 to 72 hours and they last for two to three weeks.

  • Forehead lines: Often an area that begins to wrinkle early on and becomes more apparent whenever you raise your eyebrows. Botox can soften the look of this area making your forehead appear smoother and more youthful.
  • Frown lines: These are a constant problem especially if you have kids or work colleagues who are constantly testing your patience. Checking in the mirror whether this area needs some Botox treatment could make you look a little less wrinkled when you partner comes home late.
  • Crow’s feet: One of the big areas where people look for Botox to provide a solution. They can look cute when you laugh but as time moves on, they seem to get bigger and no longer disappear when you keep a straight face.
  • Nose and Mouth: Around the eyes and forehead are not the only areas that Botox can provide a highly targeted solution. Nose to mouth lines and the fine lines that form around your lips as well as the dimples on your chin can all be treated effectively by small injections in the affected areas.

While Botox cannot remove wrinkles and other imperfections caused by ageing, they can greatly soften their appearance. The next time you look in the mirror, see it as an opportunity to reevaluate your looks and where a treatment like Botox can help. Administered by an experienced professional, you can address specific issues rather than taking a blanket approach. So, if you have a problem with crow’s feet, you can hit that area with a great degree of accuracy.

The great thing about Botox is that it has very few side effects and works pretty quickly. There may be a little soreness for the first couple of hours after your injections, but this should disappear by the time you go to bed. The other bonus is that a Botox affect can last up to two or three weeks, leaving you looking and feeling much younger and with more confident for all that time.