The new year is a time for fresh starts and making some promises to yourself too. Why not make sure that you start your year with a confidence boost, by booking in for some Botox?

Botox is a treatment that so many of us have heard of, but it is rather surprising to know how many people have not yet discovered the benefits of Botox and what it can actually do for you.

Want to know more about Botox? If you do, then read on!

What is Botox?

Botox is actually a brand name that stands for a neurotoxin known as botulinum toxin. This neurotoxin will help the muscles under the wrinkles and the fine lines on your face to relax which will help them to look less obvious. Botox is injected into the tissue with a small needle and the aim is to help your muscles to become relaxed, rather than them appearing frozen and stuck in place as some people seem to believe.

Tell me more about the treatment

One of the biggest things that people considering Botox want to know is how exactly the treatment is administered. What they may be surprised to know is that Botox actually doesn’t take that long to do or cause you that much pain either. In fact, the treatment itself will only take around the 10-minute mark, depending on the area that is being treated and how many injections are required.

Many people book in to have a Botox treatment during their normal day. There may be a chance of seeing some redness and swelling in the area that has been injected straightaway after the treatment, however, the person can go back to their normal activities straight away after.

It comes without saying that Botox can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable during the treatment, after all you are receiving a number of injections to your face. However, the needles that are used are incredibly small and are designed to cause minimal pain and side effects.

How long can Botox last?

The important thing to remember about Botox is that it is only a temporary solution and so the treatment will need to be repeated in order to keep up the effects. You can expect one treatment of Botox to last around the 3 to 4-month mark before there is a need to have a follow up treatment.

Not only this, but the length of time that Botox can last will also depend on the expertise and knowledge of the person administering it as they will need to ensure that they use the proper technique and inject in the right sites too.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your 2020 off the right way by taking a look into Botox. Not only can you learn more about the benefits that it can have for you and your skin, but you can also learn more about the treatment too.