There are lots of reasons that we aren’t comfortable with the shape of our faces or the way we look.  But the idea of having surgery to change these things can be scary and very off-putting.  So, are there ways to reshape your face without the need for surgery?  Non-invasive ways to solve those face shape problems?  The answer is yes in many cases.

Changing the jawline

One example is to change the jawline shape.  Generally, a square jaw is something that is desirable in men while women desire a softer, more oval shape.  This isn’t something that has to be, but a general look that people desire.  For women with square jaws or men with softer, oval jaws, this can be a source of self-image discomfort.

A square jaw is caused by the overuse of certain muscles in the jaw.  This gives them added size and creates that distinctive square jaw look.  There are lots of reasons these muscles can expand – grinding your teeth at night, regularly chewing gum or anything else that constantly works the muscles.  Sometimes, people find these muscles are simply stronger and larger regardless.

Using Botox

The best non-invasive way to deal with the expanded muscles is through the use of injections into the side of the jaw containing Botox.  This relaxes the muscles and causes them to reduce in size.  The results can last around 4-6 months.

Aside from the cosmetic changes, it is also a great help if you do grind your teeth, a condition known as Bruxism.  As the muscles become relaxed, the tightness or stiffness of the jaw that is common for sufferers can reduce and ease.

Changing the chin

Another area of the face that can be reshaped without surgery is the chin.  With the chin, there is a muscle called the mentalis muscle that creates the chin and like the muscles in the jaw, can become enlarged or overactive.

If you have an overactive chin muscle, you may find you have small twitches that you probably don’t even notice.  But the result of these little twitches is that the skin above can have an orange peel texture to it.  Another symptom is a ‘mental crease’ that runs from the chin to the lower lip and makes the chin seem more pronounced.

Using Botox

A similar process can be used in the chin to ease the muscle twitches and smooth out the skin.  This will make the chin less pronounced and also remove those lines and wrinkles associated with the constant movement of the muscle.

Simple non-invasive solutions

These are two examples where simple non-invasive treatments can help to make subtle changes to your face shape that can change your appearance.  These almost painless injections can be repeated as needed and can also work in other areas of the face with more traditional lines and wrinkles such as around the eyes or the corners of the mouth.  This way you can have confidence in your appearance without resorting to surgical procedures.