It is no secret that at the moment, lips are in. From celebrities flaunting their pout to adverts on how to make yours look great; everyone wants to know how they can make their lips look amazing.

Well we are here to help, we have put together our top tips for show stopping lips. So grab your lip liner and get ready to shine!

Use colour in your favour

We all know that colour has a big impact on your mood, but what you might not realise is that colour is vitally important for your lips too. Picking a bright colour can revitalise you and keep up your energy for the whole day; it also looks pretty awesome too.

Bright lipstick is also great if you haven’t had much time to concentrate on the rest of your make up as it draws attention away from those lesser made up parts.

Red is great for stand out lips but it may be a touch too dramatic for some, instead why not use a pink or coral for a lighter, subtler effect.

It’s all about the Base

For long lasting lips many people will head for a coating of gloss or lip stay, but sometimes simply applying a touch of foundation to your lips before you apply your lipstick will keep it in place for longer and can also tone down a brighter colour.

Line it well

Lip Liner is often something that many people forget about when it comes to make up. It also can look pretty awful if not used in the correct way. Lip liner should complement the colour of your lipstick or gloss; not contrast against it.

You should always take time when applying lip liner and concentrate on giving your lips a great outline (especially the cupids bow) followed by filling in the rest of the lips before applying lipstick.

Beautiful Lips with Lip Fillers

Whilst make up can really help with the look of your lips, to get the maximum impact Lip Fillers might just be the right thing for you. Lip fillers not only boost your pout but also mean that you don’t have to worry too much about painstakingly applying your lipstick in the morning. Lip fillers are quick and easy to maintain and gives not only your lips a boost but your confidence too! If you have any questions about getting Lip fillers in Newcastle then contact Adrienne today, as a qualified nurse and Lip filler practitioner she can answer your questions, and book you in!

The beauty of Lip fillers is that instead of having to make your lips look full they actually are full so just popping a touch of balm or perhaps a slick of gloss and you are good and ready to face the world.

Forget the eyes being the window to the soul. The lips are the show stopper when it comes to your make up!