As we get older, our face starts to show all that constant use, those little lines and wrinkles that come from facial expressions.  There can seem a lot of them sometimes!  But the good news is that there is also a large list of wrinkles that can be treated with Botox and other treatments.  Here are some of the well-known examples.

Main types of wrinkles

There are three main types of wrinkles, defined by what causes them and the effect they have on the face and neck.

Dynamic wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are caused when the muscles of the face contract and are attached to the skin above.  Every time the muscle moves, the skin bunches up and over time, this creates lines and wrinkles between the bulk of the muscle.  These kinds of wrinkles are most common in the eyebrow area as well as the forehead as well as in the corner of the eyes – these are known as crow’s feet.

Static wrinkles

Static wrinkles are caused by factors away from the actual face that have an impact on the skin and therefore produce wrinkles.  Things such as environmental factors play a part in these – too much exposure to the sun and UV rays is one example while pollution can also cause damage.  Poor nutrition and smoking can cause static wrinkles and sometimes it is a genetic issue.

Wrinkle folds

Wrinkle folds are where the facial structure sags and causes grooves between the mouth and nose – this is known as the nasolabial groove.  These tend to be the more serious types of wrinkles but there are still ways to treat it.  Fillers such as hyaluronic acid-based products are used in these cases.

What treatment for what wrinkle?

When you work with a licensed expert, you will never have to worry about having the wrong treatment, but it is good to know what kind of treatment is most likely to be used for different wrinkles.

Dermal or facial fillers, for example, are used for a wide range of wrinkles.  These can include ‘smoker’s lines’ which appear as vertical lines on the top lip and aren’t always used by smoking.  Marionette lines are another example which extends from the corner of the mouth and go down the jawline, either side of the chin and are caused by facial expressions.  They are also used to treat those nasolabial folds mentioned before.

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used in almost any location around the face.  This includes the forehead, to treat crow’s feet and also areas around the chin and jaw.  They also help with problems like jaw thinning and ‘bunny lines’ that appear due to constant movements of the nose when you laugh or smile.

Conquer your wrinkles

Much of the time, there’s not a lot you can do to avoid wrinkles.  Using our facial muscles is something we do without thinking but these do lead to lines and wrinkles over time.  The good news is that almost any line or wrinkle can be treated and reduce its impact. To discuss treatments that would be right for you contact Adrienne today.